Anthea A - Massage Therapist / Business Owner

" Kylie's massage is lovely blend of gentle yet strong. Having been a masseuse myself for the past 20 years, I'm pretty fussy. She knows how to get in and massage tired and strained muscles but without causing too much pain. Her hands are warm, intuitive and healing and the energy that comes through her just seems to melt away tension. She has a professional approach to her work, always presented well, always creating a beautiful space to be massaged in. I always come away feeling like I've been on a gentle ride to another planet; her sessions are so deeply relaxing. Kylie is a friendly, caring masseuse who really cares about the comfort and enjoyment of her clients. I highly recommend a session with Kylie!"


Jenny Morris - Singer

"I was in Brisbane to perform and was in dire need of a relaxation massage. Happily I came across Kylie who proceeded to ask all the right questions about my needs. Not only that but she applied exactly the right amount of pressure in a very professional and friendly manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kylie if you want a highly effective, therapeutic yet pampering experience!"


Kim W - Lawyer

"I have had the benefit of Kylie's great skill in massage for over 8 years. She is able to make you very comfortable and provide the right type of massage for you. The benefits are always apparent and she is very caring and composed. I have referred Kylie to many professional colleagues. She has a delightful personality and is highly professional."


Anna O - Business Owner

"Kylie is a wonderful masseur with a very caring and professional approach. I have been having massages for over 30 years and I can definitively say that Kylie possess superior skills in massage therapy and client care. She always arrives on time for appointments in my home and provides thoughtful added touches such as scented oils, candles and soothing music. Kylie quickly and easily sets up her equipment, providing an inviting, relaxing and very comfortable space to provide the massage. I have a condition known as Scoliosis, which basically is a curvature of the spine, so I experience many muscular problems due to the landscape of my torso. However, I know that after one of Kylie's excellent massages I will feel wonderful and free of tension! She puts a lot of thought into her treatments and continually surprises me with new and effective techniques.
I thoroughly recommend Kylie to anyone requiring massage therapy, whether for relaxation or remedial needs. The fact that she provides a mobile service and comes to you is an added advantage.


Penny P - Business Owner

"Kylie has an amazing aura and energy that she is able to transfer into you through her massage...I have never felt so at ease, relaxed, at peace and truly calm before...Since experiencing Kylie's massages, I have continued to use her amazing skills on a weekly basis and also purchase gift vouchers for friends with Serene Haven therapy, and they continue to pass it on also. Thank you Kylie for the incredible experience- this is not just a massage! The Melides Family.


M. Bower - Project Officer

"I had had awful weekend, my neck was giving me enormous amounts of grief and I was beginning to feel sick as a consequence. Kylie was highly recommended to me by a colleague of mine. I really didn't know what to expect as I am far from familiar with massage. I'll admit I had my reservations because I was worried about the pain, but Kylie was brilliant I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to the world of massage therapy. She made me feel so comfortable and talked me through everything. The experience was exactly what I needed. I was so relaxed by the end of the treatment I felt amazing. I can't thank her enough for the wonderful experience that I had. From the beginning to the end, I was at ease and felt in safe hands. She brought everything and more with her, I was so impressed at the professionalism and the attention to minor details that added to the overall experience. I will definitely be passing on the recommendation as it was done to me and I know that I will be seeing Kylie in the future sometime."


Elizabeth Bond - Tai Chi Instructor

"I have been receiving massages from Kylie for over 12 years and have experienced her transition into a very skilful therapist. She places her hands in a calm and caring way on the body, yet can massage as gently or as deeply as you need at the time. She exudes a quiet confidence as she coaxes the body into letting go of deep seated tensions. She also provides a most luxurious and nurturing experience with her attention to detail- whether it be the luscious natural products and oils she uses on your body, face and feet or the simple touches like flowers, fluffy towels, soft music and lemon water. I can highly recommend Kylie for one of the most wonderful massages or treatments you will ever receive!"


Danny Goldburg

"Kylie has been a wonderful masseuse for my wife and me for the last 4 years in Byron Bay. She provides a really excellent massage and we appreciate her reliability, calmness and serenity. She is a lovely person whose caring nature shines through with every word and every touch. When we have friends visit us in Byron, provided Kylie is available, she visits for a couple of hours and sets up a beautiful ambient relaxation room where each of the guests enjoy a massage, one after the other. The comment has been made, more than once, that the key ingredient of a relaxed and wonderful stay at Byron Bay is firstly the weather, and coming a close second behind that is Kylie's availability! We wholeheartedly, and without any reservation whatsoever, recommend Kylie."


Camille Scott - Founder & Owner CSBN- Connect! Small Business Network.

"I received a Serene Haven Massage Gift Voucher for my 42nd birthday, and was completely blown away. The massage itself was amazing. The experience increadible. Beyond perfect in every way! Kylie has a unique touch/method and I was left feeling completely rejuvinated and nurtured. I would recommend Kylie of Serene Haven to anyone and everyone!"


Nicky Hume - Manager

"It is very rare these days to find a true professional, who enjoys what they do in their career,offers a service that they can deliver,understands their clients needs,takes the time to listen,is friendly,caring and genuine and goes that extra mile to make the difference....these are all attritubes that Kylie has and does offers when you are one of her clients. Kylie has extensive knowledge of her profession and can offer advise and solutions with confidence. I have been having medial massages, regularly for approx 5 yrs .... I can honestly say that Kylie has been the best therapist that I have had during this time..... I would highly recommend Kylie for any massage treatment you may be considering."


Jennifer M - Graphic Designer

"My 90 minute massage with Kylie was AMAZING!!! She released an enormous amount of tension from my shoulders and I can honestly say that I've never felt so relaxed. The feeling of wellbeing flowed into my day and I found I had more energy. I whole heartedly recommend Serene Haven".